Sounds like aray*, doesn’t it? Well, if something goes awry, it would be the best time to say aray.

Awry is an adjective that refers to something that is:

  • not working correctly or not happening in the expected way or not as planned. Examples: Something was terribly awry. All my plans for the party had gone awry. When imprinting goes awry, the resulting fetus likely will have complications. The shooting, described by police as an undercover drug deal gone awry , sparked protests led by civil-rights activists.
  • not straight or neat, or not in the right position. In this sense, it means the same thing as askew. Example: She rushed out, her hair awry. My clothes were all awry.

Note: Do not put the term awry before a noun.

Aray is the Filipino term for ouch.

Sources for the examples: Collins Dictionary, Oxford Advanced American Dictionary,  Oxford Dictionaries, Learner’s Dictionary

Photo credit: Ellekinney’s Blog


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