Both words are adjectives (words that describe a noun).

Uninterested means “not interested in or concerned about something or someone” (see Learner’s Dictionary, Oxford Advanced American Dictionary).


  • Strangely, the children were totally uninterested in video games.
  • The game barker spoke in an uninterested voice.

Disinterested means “neutral” or “impartial” (see Learner’s Dictionary, Oxford Advanced American Dictionary).

  • Not influenced by considerations of personal advantage. Example: A judge is under an obligation to be disinterested in court proceedings.
  • Having or feeling no interest in something. Example: The manager was so disinterested in his department’s progress that he visited the office only once.

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2 thoughts on “Uninterested vs. Disinterested

  1. ang pagkaka-alam ko po napagkaka-iba nila ..
    ang UNinterested ay wala tayong direct involvement sa isang bagay at gusto tyo isama doon, we used UNINTERESTED.. HINDI interesado.

    ex:simpleng yayaan lang ng barkada.. uninterested siya
    pero kung ang isang event ay may kinalaman sa work niya at need ang attendance niya.. DISINTERESTED kung ayaw.

    ang DISinterested ay kasama or concerned ka sa isang bagay/situation. another example meeting po nila sa office at di siya aattend.. DISINTERESTED or WALANG interest na ummattend.

    from the prefix DIS… aalisin, tatanggalin, ihihiwalay, ibig sabihin po literally KASAMA SIYA dun ,may PARTICIPATION or INVOLVE siya pero ide-detached..

    marami po akong natututunan sa inyo, sana po patuloy ninyo kaming maturuan.. maraming salamat mam janet.

  2. Hi, Robert! I’m glad this blog is helping you. :) The examples that you mentioned would use “uninterested”–kung ayaw ma-involved, ayaw sumama, hindi interested, walang interest mag-attend. It doesn’t matter kung sa work or sa school or kung anong aspeto ng buhay.

    But DISinterested is another thing. It means that one is neutral, impartial, and not biased. Its synonyms are unprejudiced, impartial, neutral, non-partisan, non-discriminatory, detached, uninvolved, objective, dispassionate, impersonal, clinical; open-minded, fair, just, equitable, balanced, even-handed, unselfish, selfless; free from discrimination, with no axe to grind, without fear or favour (taken from http://www.oxforddictionaries.com).

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