The verb share does not always need a preposition.


  • I will not share that last piece of cake.
  • The Ayala Museum and Greenbelt 1 share a walkway on the third floor.
  • Thanks for sharing.

But if you indicate the party with whom someone shares something—such as things, feelings, opinions or something in common—add with (not to).


  • Anna should learn to share her crayons with her classmates.
  • We shared a bottle of wine with our new neighbours.
  • This information is not meant to be shared with your Facebook contacts.

When something is divided or distributed between two or more people, add between or among.


  • The proceeds from the school fair will be shared between the two charities.
  • The grandfather shared the trust money among his grandchildren.

When you (i) indicate what is being shared or (ii) use share to mean having participation or responsibility in something, add in.


  • The students all shared in the expenses for the teacher’s birthday party.
  • There is no need to share in the household chores.
  • Three brothers shared in the inheritance.

There are more examples at Learner’s Dictionary and Oxford American Dictionary.

Photo credit: Scenic Reflections


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