It’s Wednesday, known as hump day and often dismissed as one of the least favourite days of the week.

I thought of making Wednesday a Word Wednesday: I’ll share a word or phrase that I find useful or useless but fun.

Today let’s start with borborygmus (singular); the plural is borborygmi (see Merriam-Webster for the pronunciation). Quite a mouthful!

Borborygmus is the growling or the rumbling that your stomach sometimes makes. Nice, huh? So next time that your stomach embarrasses you with a loud noise, just dismiss it with a casual wave of your hand and say, “Oh, sorry for the borborygmus.”


Photo credit: The Inspiring Kitchen



3 thoughts on “Borborygmus

  1. LOLOLOLOL.. when I was a child, whenever my stomach starts growling, my mother used to say “Ga-burok burok na na’ imong tiyan, gigutom na ka”. (Your stomach’s growling because you’re hungry) Im visayan, by the way. ~~ borborygmus sounds like burokburok (medyo) HAHA .. :D

  2. I usually have this at 10am when I skipped breakfast. Mine is really loud borborygmus. So embarassing….

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