Uh oh. Try it.

Check the dictionaries and see if the word front liner or frontliner exists.

Neither one does. What the dictionaries accept are the words front line (noun) or frontline (adjective, sometimes as front-line).

Front line refers to:

Frontline refers to:

  • relating to, being or involved in a front line or at the forefront in any action, activity or field. Examples: Frontline employees are key to customer service success. The frontline troops are in the most danger. (See also frontline.)
  • being first-rate or highly experienced or proficient in performing a duty. Example: I prefer a frontline hospital for my surgery.


References: learnersdictionary.com, m-w.com, oaadonline.oxfordlearnersdictionaries.com, collinsdictionary.com

Photo credit: WIkimedia.org


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