If you’re Cebuano, like I am, you’d know the word momho–those morsels or particles that fall off the plate and onto the table or floor. The crumbs have to fall off the plate; otherwise, they aren’t momho. I don’t know if there is an equivalent in Filipino (help?).

And because I need a quick break from the work I’m finishing now, I thought of looking for the English equivalent of momho.

The closest I could find was ort from the Oxford Dictionary of English, Collins Dictionary and Random House Dictionary. What fun!


Photo credit: Wallpaperscraft


7 thoughts on “Ort and momho

  1. Ms. Janet,

    sa amin po mumu ung kanin na natira or nalaglag sa plate and muyag ung parang grainy particles just like those sa bread or sa chips or chichirya..

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