I’ve been asked often enough for a translation in English of what appears to be the Pinoy’s favorite question:

“Pang-ilang presidente si (insert name)?”

English does not have the equivalent of pang-ilan, so one option is provide a premise: “In the order or chronology of the Philippine presidency, where does [insert name] fall?”

Or something like that. :) Do you have a better way to phrase the question? Do let me know!

Photo credit: Apple Ozix by Cedric


13 thoughts on “Pang-ilan

  1. “Woodrow Wilson is President number…?”

    Ugh. Doesn’t sit well and leaves you hanging. How about a fill-in-the-blanks approach:

    “Harry Truman is the ‘blankth’ President of the United States.”

    Yech. Still no good. You’re right. This one’s a doozy.

  2. “In/On (?) what chronological order does (insert name) fall?”
    it is IN or ON ? im Confused.. pls help

  3. my translation for that is…
    “Pang ilang pangulo si Aquino?”
    “In what presidencial number Aquino is? ”


  4. Pang ilang presidente si President Aquino?

    In what presidential ordinal place does President Aquino lie?

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