If you use with regards, you better be conveying your best wishes.

The word regard can mean many things, including:

  1. Verb – relating to, concerning, have a connection with, or with respect to. Example: Regarding your question, we cannot assist you.
  2. Noun[plural] friendly greetings. Example: Give them my warm regards. Sometimes used to end a letter, note or email. Example: With my regards, Concepcion.

We sometimes forget to distinguish the verb from the noun, sometimes creating awkward prepositional pairs.

These are the acceptable prepositional pairs for the verb regard, when it means relating to or in connection with something or with respect to:

  1. With regard to – I have no comment with regard to your proposal.
  2. In regard to – In regard to the first point in your letter, …
  3. As regards – I have little information as regards her fitness for the post.

How can we remember all that? Tip: When the preposition has no s (i.e., with or in), then the word regard has no s, and it is further paired with to.

But when the preposition has an s (i.e., as), then the word regards has an s, and to is not added.

If you find that cumbersome, just use the word regarding—it works just as well. :)

Do not write “with regards to your memo.” By adding the s to regards, you will convert regard to a noun, which means “with best wishes to.” You will end up greeting the memo hello and giving it your best wishes.

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