Advice is a noun. It means “guidance” or “recommendation.”


  • Sharon needs some advice.
  • I wait for your advice.
  • Mark lost weight upon his doctor’s advice.

Advise is a verb. It means “to suggest or recommend” or to “inform someone about a fact or situation.”


  • This is to advise you of the new parking procedures.
  • Clara advised us against sending money overseas.
  • Please advise us soon of your decision.


Advice advise

Here’s a tip that might help us remember the distinction between the two.

Advice is a noncount noun. So it cannot be counted. It is always singular. It has no plural form, so cannot have an s at the end of the word. We cannot say “advices.” Tip: Since the word advice is spelled without an s, then it has no plural form s at the end. Example: He gave me so much valuable advice.

The verb advise is spelled with an s. So we can add an s to make the verb a present tense, singular verb. Example: The president advises us not to panic.

I hope that helps!

References: The New Oxford American Dictionary

Photo credit: Harpenden Money Advice


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