Happy Easter, folks!

It’s been quite a while since my last post. My bad. I hope to make up for the long silence!

Here are the differences between between and among, which I promised you in–gasp!–January.

  • The word between comes from the Old English term betwēonum—from be ‘by’ + a Germanic word related to two. Hence, between refers often, but not always, to two things or people.
  • The word among comes from the Old English term ongemang (from on ‘in’ + gemang ‘assemblage, mingling’). Hence, among often refers to more than two things or people.

1 Between and Among

2 Between and among

3 Between and among

Source: New American Oxford Dictionary

Photo Credit: Choices are Illusion


4 thoughts on “Between and among

  1. Hi Ms. Janet,

    Thank you for this. :) By the way, are you still going to send us the lecture materials for the Feb. 4-5, 2013 workshop? :D

    Thanks and Best Regards,

    Nena N. Bermudo Acting Executive Assistant Technology Management Group Land Bank of the Philippines 1598 M. H. del Pilar cor Dr. Quintos Sts., Malate, Manila

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  2. Hi, Nena! Thanks for the reminder! Yes, I will. Sorry for the delay. I haven’t had a yaya for my three-year-old since December (off and on), so it’s been quite tricky managing work and life. Whew! :)

    • It’s great to be back, Jo! I’ve been drowning in so much work–and I still am–but I thought, hey, I can’t wait for the work to disappear before I send language tips. :) I call it “brute force” philosophy. Ha ha!

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