Here are more noncount nouns to add to our previous list. As you know, noncount nouns are always singular because they cannot be counted. A noncount noun–-as a unit-–cannot be distinguished from another unit and cannot be counted.

As singular nouns. the following words are not written in the plural form–-do not add s or ies. Check out Merriam-Webster’s Learner’s Dictionary (links provided).

  • feedback (never feedbacks; e.g., Your feedback is valuable.)
  • stuff (never stuffs; All your stuff was transferred to the fourth floor.)
  • signage (we can count signs, but not signage; signage refers to the system of signs; e.g., Better signage is needed at the airport.)
  • usage (we can count the number of uses)
  • baggage and luggage  (we can count bags and suitcases; baggage and luggage refer to all the bags and personal effects that one carries while traveling; e.g., A lot of my luggage is missing.)
  • equipment (we can count machines; e.g., The office equipment needs to be fixed.)
  • applause (e.g., Your applause is meaningless to me.)
  • photography (e.g., Landscape photography is her hobby)
  • traffic (e.g., Traffic is slow today.)
  • paperwork (we can count files, documents, papers; e.g., Much of the paperwork involves science.)
  • homework (we can count assignments; e.g., All my homework requires Internet research.)
  • news (e.g., Some of the news is good news.)
  • bacon (we can count sausages)

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