The word “viz.” (with the period after it) is pronounced or spoken also as NAMELY. Cute, right? Its more formal term is videlicet from the Latin videre (to see) + licet (it it permissible).

This is how the dictionaries define it:

viz. |viz| or said as |ˈnamle|  adverb

  • namely; in other words (used esp. to introduce a gloss or explanation). Example: Do you still remember the first music reproducing media, viz., the music box and the player piano? (1)
  • used before something that you are giving as an example. Example: She limited her suggestions to the subjects she knows best, viz [=namely], layout and typography. (2)

(1) The New Oxford American Dictionary
(2) Merriam-Webster’s Learner’s Dictionary

Photo credit: Creative Times


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