Many of us Filipinos find prepositional pairings in English difficult because we have very few prepositions in our local languages. Before you continue reading this, please take a moment to read my page on Prepositions on this blog.

What preposition do we use with collaborate?

The New Oxford American Dictionary defines collaborate as:

collaborate |verb [ intrans. ]

  • work jointly on an activity, esp. to produce or create something. Example: He collaborated with a distinguished painter on the designs
  • cooperate traitorously with an enemy. Example: During the last war they collaborated with the Nazis.

These are the verb + preposition pairs that I found for the term collaborate. Let me know if you find other pairs!

  • collaborate with = used when referring to the person, people or party that you are working jointly with
  • collaborate on = used to refer to what you are working jointly on
  • collaborate in = when using this phrase, we have to add the present participle of a verb (which is a verb + ing).

So we say “collaborate in creating the perfect wedding gown” or “collaborate in fixing the traffic mess.”


My boss needs you to collaborate closely with me on this matter.
I collaborated with George M in producing his last concert.

These verb + preposition pairings often works with most of the synonyms of collaborate, such as:

  1. they collaborated on the project: co-operate, join forces, team up, band together, work together, combine, ally; pool resources, put heads together.
  2. they collaborated with the enemy: collude, conspire, fraternize, co-operate, consort, sympathize; informal be in cahoots.

The army conspired a drug lord in arranging the assassination.
Gary V teamed up with Martin on the charity concert.
We worked together with the Finance Department on the salary increases.

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